Deleted Google Drive File

Find or recover a file

Here are some tips to help you find missing files in Google Drive. Select the situation that matches yours the best.

  • Right-click the file you'd like to recover.
  • Click Restore.

    • On the left, click My Drive.
    • At the top right, click InfoInformation.
    • Scroll down and look for your file.

    Try an advanced search

    1. Using a computer, click the search options icon (in the search bar) Down Arrow.
    2. Use the advanced search options to find your file, like "Type: Spreadsheets."

    If the steps above didn't help, consider these special cases:

    If someone else created the file

    When someone creates a file, they can delete, rename, and restore it. Contact the person who created the file and ask them to restore it or share it with you again.

    If it was in a folder someone else created

    If someone deleted that folder, you won't see that folder in your Drive anymore. To find the file:

    1. Try this advanced search to see a list of files you created that are in deleted folders:
    2. Try this broader advanced search to see a list of all files that are in deleted folders:

    To make that file easier to find in the future, drag it into a folder in "My Drive."

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      02 November, 2018

      I have 2 computers that will not log in due to lost domain.

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